Ben Rouse

Ben Rouse first started on guitar at the age of 11 and by the age of 14 he was already playing in clubs and venues in many different bands as a lead guitarist.

He was introduced to the ukulele a few years ago and Ben soon realised that this little instrument was able to produce an extremely wide range of amazing sounds. Since then he hasn’t looked back and now devotes all his time to the ukulele.

Still new on the ukulele scene, he has already played to thousands of people and appeared on TV as well as radio. His first solo ukulele album “Love of Rin” is available and has been delightfully received. Ben is keen to show the world the wonder, potential and diversity of the ukulele.

Ben plays solo ukulele in a fast finger style and uses his love of all types of music to produce complex sounds that both amaze and delight. With a mix of rock, folk, pop to classical, taking well-known songs and arranging for awesome solo ukulele as well as writing his own compositions.

Ben is also a keen teacher of the ukulele and gives workshops as well as writing music and arranging classical pieces for publications. His own books include duets of Bach for ukulele and guitar and he continues to work on new arrangements.

Performances are fun, lively with an exciting mix of styles delivered with a multitude of energetic rock poses. Find out more about Ben HERE.

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