Legal Stuff


We are extremely grateful to members of our local authority and representatives from the emergency services for the support, advice and guidance they gave us during our licence application process.

The following points cover conditions placed on our premises licence. We are sure you will agree that they are all very sensible and compliance with them will ensure everyone enjoys a fun and safe event.

  • No member of the public attending the festival shall be allowed to bring inside: fireworks, Class 1 laser equipment (pens), offensive weapons, controlled drugs, nitrous oxide canisters, legal highs or similar intoxicants, drones, glass bottles or vessels.
  • Large umbrellas and gazebos are not permitted.
  • Entry to the festival can only be gained by a ticket.
  • With regard to the sale of alcohol, we will operate a Challenge 25 policy. If you are lucky enough to be aged over 25 years but look younger please bring ID with you and please don’t be offended if you are asked to produce it.
  • No one will be permitted to leave the premise whilst in possession of alcohol which has been purchased at the premise.
  • All security and stewarding personnel shall be readily identifiable to others by means of the clothing that they wear.
  • No vehicle shall be used within the premise during the course of the festival except emergency service vehicles or medical providers.
  • At the end of the festival stewards will be deployed in order to ensure the safe, orderly and lawful dispersal of members of the public from the premise.
  • Please be aware we are using a large PA system so all our festival visitors can enjoy the music. The system will be operated within the guidelines of Ukefests entertainment licence. 
  • We would ask that all festival goers' leave the venue in a calm and quiet manner, to avoid disturbing any nearby residents.